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Loving Right Now


Planners //

A new year means new planners which i have posted a couple of times (ok yes about ten times :)) now. I am waiting on the Hello Forever Planner to arrive, and then last night I ordered the Kikki K wellness Planner. Both are in a Grey Colour so they should go nicely with the Polka Dot Heidi Swapp Planner that i have been using.

Jill-e Career Bag // 

I am also looking for a bag and think that i found one that suits my needs it could be a miracle if it does. Plus i am loving this colour (Vanilla). The Bags is a Jill-e camera Bag (with room for a laptop 12″ mines 13 Mac Air). Mainly want it though because of the pockets i have been looking for a couple of years for a bag that i can be more organised, that i can carry my Camera around in, and even though i have about 6 camera bags already i find them all way too big and bulky.

Using my Thermomix //

I vowed to this year use my thermomix more, and make more meals in it and so far this year we have had some lovely dinners and even just doing basic things.

New Pets //

In December we got a Hunterway Pup & A little black fluff ball kitten // Ali & Ed.. The terrible two, the crazy ones, The Misfits. Oh how they have caused chaos in hour house, and wormed there way into our hearts and each others. They adore one an-other.


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