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Currently December 2015


A combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes & Amy Tangerine & Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in. 

+ Admiring : The Target goodies I brought before Christmas, that i have had in a box for a few weeks & all of the Kmart pages with all of the new goodies. 

+ Anticipating : What the coming year will bring. 


+ Being : Happy & Content with where my life is at the moment 

+ Blogging : Three Days a week now. Shall see how that goes.

+ Buying : Heaps that I want to buy yet i am stone-cold broke..  

+ Bookmarking :  All of the new years quotes.


+ Cooking : Jack’s cooking a Turducken

+ Considering :  Names for the new kitten. 

+ Coveting : The Carpe Dieam Planner, but for the fact i have too many planners already. 

+ Craving : Coffee. 

+ Creating :  I hope to create more in 2016 than i did in 2015. 


+ Current Kmart Unicorn : Marble Coasters. and all of the new goodies that i am seeing on Instagram and Facebook. 

+ Deciding :  What to do next year, what to call the kitten, weather its time for wine and cheese yet.  

+ Disliking : The fact that we have a Boil Water warning out. 

+ Disappointed :  That the cord for my new Macbook Air got eaten by our new pup. And that the charm for my much wanted Nikki Lissoni Bracelet fell off, after waiting so long to get it. 

+ Digging : That our favourite Barrister opened his own coffee shop ad brought back a couple of meals that i loved on the last menu. 

+ Drinking : lots of 8 Bar Iced Coffees. 

+ Enjoying :  Our new Puppy Ali and Kitten (No Name Yet).


+ Eating : Cherries and Fruit cake. 

+ Feeling : Like a change is in the air. 

+ Finally : It is December 31st.

+ Following : Way to many instagram accounts. 

+ Giggling :  At the stuff that Angel comes out with. 


+ Happening Right Now:  Watching the Country Chanel on Fetch. 

+ Hoping :  That next year is going to be an Awesome one full of new adventures, travel and wonderful experiences. 

+ Helping :  Bring in the New Year with Jack and Angel. 

+ Hearing :  The country Music Chanel. 

+ Highlights of 2015 : Going to the Theatre to see Legally Blonde, Jack getting into Uni,


+ Keeping : Awake for 2016. 

+ Location : @Home in Tasmania. 

+ Looking forward to :  2016, The X Flies remake, Offspring, more wine and cheese nights & Coffee dates. 

+ Liking :  The Lions Fruit Cake 

+ Loving :  The gifts i got for xmas. 

+ Listening To :  The News. 

+ Making : The house pretty for New Years Eve. 


+ Main Goal This Week :  To finish up things for 2015, have moved my photos across to the external hard drive, cleaned up my email account, Sorted my Heidi Swapp Planner, Name the Kitten.. 

+ Marvelling :  How much our pup has grown in two weeks. 


+ Needing :  To lose weight in 2016. Really contemplating doing the Comando’s weight-loss plan. 

+ Need to Finish :  December Daily. 

+ Not Digging :  That my camera batteries are flat. 

+ Noticing :  How many groups i am still on. 


+ One Little Word 2016 : Focus 

+ Opening :  A bottle of wine. 

+ Playing :  With my planners and stickers. 

+ Planning :  to use my planners. 

+ Pondering :  The fact that i will be 43 in March 

+ Reading : Facebook. 

+ Sad Moments of 2015 :  Our Dog Zoe passing away and our cat Shelby going missing. We brought these three pets over from Western Australia with us, and they where very much loved and still missed. & my Cat Flynn Passing Away.

+ Sorting :  Out the house, and getting ready to do KonMari again. 

+ Sewing : Mended a top i brought from Kmart that had a whole on the side. 

sam 0105

sam 0105

+ Smelling :  The dinner Jack is cooking. 

+ Snacking :  on cherries. 

+ Thinking : That i need to do this earlier than the last day of the year. 

+ TIME : Started 4:30pm New Years Eve December 31 2016 – Finished 8:50pm 

+ Waiting : For the year to finish

+ Watching : The Bold and The Beautiful.  

img 8349

+ Wanting : To finish things up.

+ Wasting :  My time watching TV. 

+ Weather :  Warm

+ Wearing : Casual

+ Wondering :  


+ Wishing :  You a very happy 2016. 

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