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Coffee & Chat Tuesday



Photo taken today at Umami (New coffee shop opened by the Bruce’s Barrister).. Totally my new favourite place to go and its in walking distance to our house, look forward to catching up with you there from now on.

If we where having coffee right now… 

I would ask you if you had a great Christmas. Ours was quiet with just the three of us, but still lovely. Angel enjoyed all of her gifts.


If we where having coffee right now…

Angel and i got crafty today and made some water colour pictures and some string art.

If we where having coffee right now…

I have been working on my Heidi Swapp Planner and adding when i want to do my blog posts, hopefully i stick to the shedule. I am loving this Coffee and Chat Tuesdays. I have The Collective Hub Planner and got the Lorna Jane Move Nourish Belive Planner for christmas, and i brought the Kmart Desk planner & Wall Planner as well as the small personal planner. Also ordered and looking forward to getting the Hello Forever Planner. So i think i am well set up for Planning the coming year, although i am looking at getting The Create Your Shining Year In Life workbook as well. 

If we where having coffee right now…

I would have shared our very late (10pm) dinner with you of Jamie Oliver Asian Meetballs with Cranberry Sauce & Lemon Aioli with Sweet Potato Chips. It was Delishious…

If we where having coffee right now…

I would tell you that i am LOVING the new Kmart stuff coming out that i have seen pop up in the past couple of days on Facebook and Instagram.

In Reality…

Yes we have just had dinner and having a glass of wine and then its bed time.

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