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One Little Word 2016

So hard to believe that i started this one word for the year so many years ago. 

Here are the words that i have used …

2016 // Focus 


This has been coming up over the past few weeks, i look forward to exploring this word over the coming year. I want to spend time focusing on my Hobbies, Photography, Health, Family & Home. 

2015 // Love

Thanking this word for the past year and what it has brought me, I have learnt to love our home, the people that are in my life and to accept that although i need to make changes i can do this by sending love into the world. 

2014 // Journey

Journey was more than just wanting to travel somewhere it was about enjoying what i had closert to home. 

2013 // Be


2012 // Write

This is the year where i just wanted to write and journal, take notes and get things either onto paper or here on my blog, cant recall how much of that i managed to acheive. I wanted to get things down so i didnt forget them, i was still grieving for Dad, when we lost mum, so my heart was heavy and i had a lot of grief weighng me down. 

2011 // Capture

Capture the moments, the memories, the little things in life through craft and the camera. Was a difficult year as we lost my dad. 

2010 // New

We moved house, So a new town, new adventures, new memories to make. 

2009 // Create

It feels like a lifetime ago when i chose this word, i would say that this was the height of my crafting years and this is when i was churning out layouts like a mad woman. 

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