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We started the Konmari Method earlier in the year, but with so much going on i have put it on the back burner, hopefully i will be able to get back to it, and continue to sort out the things that are cluttering up the home, V’s the things that bring me the most Joy.

Slowly we are changing the look and feel of our home. Adding new furniture and getting rid of the stuff that we have had forever has really helped with that, and then adding in the smaller things like mats and cushions for texture. Then there is all the candles and lamps for ambiance.

We have also over the last few months started growing succulents to add greenery around the house, i can’t express how lovely it is to see them grow and make new little baby succulents. I have been using old Konmaried Jars and Vases to grow them in, and even though i thought that i had heaps of them, i am slowly running out.

In a few days we will be embarking on Angel’s Bedroom Makeover – A new bed, Desk, Make-up-table Both with Pegboards & an A Frame Hanger for her clothes. Can’t wait for her to see it, and to share with you all as well. There are still a few things i haven’t been able to find, but with Christmas not all that far away i will be able to add more to her room then.

Once Angel’s room is done, it will be full on christmas decorating. I usually wait until straight after her Birthday to start decorating the house with all of the things that we have collected over the years, i have already started a little box of things that i have collected over the last month or so. Christmas is one of my favourite times of the years, so i am really looking forward to adding the new little things that i have picked up. I have two Lay-bys on as well that have more christmas things to add to our already over flowing goodies.

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