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When I Wish Upon a Star

For as long as i can remember i have always loved Jewellery.

I wear two sets of wedding rings, the first on my right ring finger that i brought a week after we got married, with a smaller ring that i have had for years to keep the other two from falling off and the second on my wedding finger that jack brought me for our 7th wedding Anniversary, for our 11th he brought me a Tiffany & Co silver ring, its simple but one of my most treasured items.

Most of the time I wear A necklace given to me by Jack in 2008, and for the past year a Tree of life with a black stone on the other side.

Jack brought me a bracelet a couple of years ago, i took it back and exchanged it for one that was more my style (which i have worn almost daily for two years), ocassionally i will wear a faux Pandora Bracelet which has a single white butterfly.

I have always had a charm bracelet in-fact i think i posted about it a couple of times. I brought it in 1990 and brought a bunch of cheap charms for it. Over the years Jack, Angel and even my mum have given me pendants and charms that i want to get put on it.

A few weeks ago i wrote out a wish list of gifts that i would love for Christmas this year. On that list i had Jewellery and a Bellabeat, i have been thinking alot about the three peices i would like in particular, and how similar they are.


Bellabeat //  I like that it can be worn as a bracelet, clip or a necklace.

Nikki Lisoni // Love that the charms hold inspirational words and phrases

Pandora // I have always wanted a pandora bracelet.

Now i would LOVE to have all of these but i am really short and my arms are probably not long enough to wear that many.

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