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What freedom means is open to interpretation, which is why it’s been a recurring subject in art. In today’s poem, share your take on freedom. While you’re at it, be fearless with your thoughts. Don’t hold back. Unleash your emotions and be honest with yourself. Uncensored writing coming from the heart often produces the most amazing read.

This isnt something i would normally write, and its probably way out of line and just a bunch of random ramblings that will most likely never get read. But they are my thoughts at this moment.

We read it in the paper, 

it’s in our news feed, 

Online fights erupt, 

because two people don’t agree. 

We sit in horror at the news reports thrown across our screens. 

Another life lost by someone else’s hand. 

Or Many lost by some unhinged young man. 

People claim that they need guns to protect Themselves,

They complain that they are doing it for their health. 

In case someone breaks into their home they need to defend themselves. 

To keep you safe and secure in their home, school, 

on the streets, wherever they choose to roam. 

I see the destruction that guns have caused. 

The weeping mothers who have paused 

At the graveside of a life lost all to soon. 

Her tears she wipes gently from her cheek, 

A fathers Grief shown on his face, 

Etched in his eyes for the rest of his life. 

A family gone in an instant, forever torn apart.  

Parents and Siblings now left with a broken heart. 

Students who woke up that morning to get an education 

only to be ambushed in class by some gun toting madmen. 

We cry as one when terrorists take another son,

All senseless killings because someone carried a gun. 

In Australia this is a foreign to us. 

it’s not part of our world. 

We don’t understand how this can continue to occur. 

We are seen as a backwards country, 

But this culture isn’t part of us. 

Lives lost every single day, 

Often we sit together and just pray, 

We grieve by placing flowers where the life was taken, 

Instead of preventing the problem i could be mistaken. 

by removing the problem, we watch as even more lives are taken, 

Pray and hope for a world that is full of love and peace. 

This Christmas i wish for you to be happy,  

for you to be able to spend it with your family.

Not them sitting at your grave,

grieving for a life lost,

and what could have been…

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