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Coffee & Chat Tuesday


This weeks coffee spot was Harvest and Cater in Boat Harbour. How can you not enjoy a view like this at breakfast time.

If we were having coffee right now… 

I would tell you that over the next month our family calendar is so full, but December usually is. So many events happening, which is always exciting.

I would tell you that it’s so frustrating that Jack has Holiday’s and Angel’s are either a week or two before or after.. So nothing can be planned unless we take her out of school. But we are thinking of taking another cruise perhaps late next year.


If we were having coffee right now…

That I am happy that I found a small shelving unit at the markets for my cameras. Thinking outside of the square and hoping that they would fit in, finding it that they did was fantastic. Yes we have a LOT of cameras, and i can safely say that this isn’t all of them, as we have KonMari’ed the house we have found a few that we had forgotten that we had, so i have had a basket where i have been storing them, but it was overflowing. The drawer contains camera bits and peices, like the selfie stick, and small tripods etc.

If we were having coffee right now…

I am thinking of making a Christmas Cake but havent decided which one, i quite like the look of the Trench Cake that i found via facebook today.

In past years I have made the Bill Granger Apple Bread. This has been a family favourite over the years, either having it for Breakfast on Christmas Day or Boxing Day.

As yet i haven’t decided what we are having, i do know that i need to do a MAJOR food shop, as it feels like we have run out of everything, so a bulk food shop over the next fortnight is a must.

If we were having coffee right now…

That I am behind in December Daily, I need to print photos out, but the problem is i haven’t taken all that many. Think i will just walk around the house taking random photos or decorations and adding in the history of them to fill in some spaces.

You would see how happy I am that I managed to get the Heidi Swapp Memory Planner. I am so excited, as I really didnt think I would get it, now to join the Capture 30 Class again, as I really enjoyed that class last year. Now to get ink for our ptrinter.

 If we were having coffee right now…

I would tell you that i am taking part again in a couple of blogging courses over December so if you see some odd posts pop up on your feed that would be the reason why.

In reality…

It’s actually wednesday and i had meant to put this post up and totally forgot, i am about two days behind in my blogging posts..

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