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Currently in November


A combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes & Amy Tangerine & Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in.

+ Admiring : Nikki Lissoni Jewellery. (Yes Still) My husband on the other hand is choosing to ignore my subtle or not so hints. LOL… 

  • Anticipating :  What December will bring. It looks like there is a lot going on.

+ Being : Rescued by Sea Rescue after the boat motor stopped. 

+ Blogging: Took part in Blogging 101, and enjoyed it. 


+ Buying : Angel’s Birthday Presents & Christmas stuff 

+ Bookmarking : Christmas sites and pages. 

+ Cooking : Tonight it was Chocolate Brownie MudCake. 

+ Considering : A uni Course (only to find out that i would have needed too much paperwork which i don’t have, and that the course had already started). But it has given me food for thought as to what i would like to do. 

+ Coveting : Copper & Marble. i can’t get enough of it, and it looks so pretty grouped together. 

IMG_0785+ Craving : Chocolate Cake or Toasted Cheese Sandwiches. 

+ Creating :  Well thinking about working on December Daily. 

+ Current Kmart Unicorn : Oil Diffuser, Marble Cross, Marble Coasters. 

+ Deciding :  Where to put all of our christmas tree’s has been so difficult. 

+ Disliking : Nasty people, who think they have the right to put other people down and treat them like they are nothing. 

+ Disappointed : In myself for cutting my own hair because i HATE it. 

+ Digging : Our christmas wonderland. 

+ Drinking : Too much coffee. + Doing : + Eating : Chocolate Mudcake Brownies.. 

+ Enjoying :  All of the christmas decorations and trees around our house and in the shops. And no November isn’t too early to put up the Decorations. 

+ Feeling : Under the weather the past week or so, sleeping during the day, have also had a twitchy eyelid. 

+ Finally : Got the house looking the way that i want it to, because of the Rent inspection. 

+ Following : The Mummy Blog Drama! 

+ Giggling : At the stuff that Angel comes out with. 

+ Happening Right Now:  Watching Tv, With Jack & the Cat. 

+ Hoping : To be more organised this christmas.

+ Helping : Jack to get the House organised for the Rent inspection was Exhausting. 

+ Hearing : Let it go. Watched Frozen tonight. 

+ Keeping : My mouth shut about stupid people. 

+ Location : @Home, watching TV. 

  • Looking forward to :  December and all of the events,

+ Liking :  That i am organised enough this month to have this list filled out. 

+ Loving :  Neighbours and Home And Away at the moment. So much drama. 

IMG_0770+ Listening To : Angel talking all of the time. 

+ Making :  Pies and Brownies. 

+ MAIN THIS WEEK GOAL :  Take photos. Keep the house clean. 

+ Marvelling :  At the fact that the house is still clean. 

+ Needing :  To go to bed, even after i had an afternoon nap i am still tired. 

+ Need to Finish :   All of the projects that i have started. 

+ Not Digging :  Not getting anything done. 

+ Noticing :  How moody everyone is online at the moment.

  • Opening :  Boxes and Boxes of christmas stuff, and sorting out what goes where.
  • Playing :  Let it go over and over again in my head!

  • Planning : A Camera Cabinet. 

  • Pondering :  Why the cat insists on sitting on me all of the time.

+ Reading :  Nothing at the moment. I always plan too but just don’t end up doing it. 

+ Sorting :  My December Daily stuff out, i didn’t buy the kit this year, just couldn’t justify it considering the Australian dollar.  But realised that i have a stack left over from last year that can be used. 

  • Sewing : I made cushion covers from scarves and Santa sacks.
  • Smelling :  Chocolate Brownies.

  • + Snacking :  on Jelly Beans. Well i would be if i could be bothered walking over to the TV stand to get them. 

    + Thinking : about where i am going to put all of the christmas lights that i have. 

    + TIME : 9:36pm, Saturday November 28 2015 

    + Waiting :  For Jack to get started on some woodworking projects that i have been wanting to make. 

    + Watching : House, starting from season one, i have been watching it on and off this month. Now that i have finished watching Mad Men, and a couple of the shorter English Series, i thought it was time to get into another long term series. 

    + Wanting : to get both of my Lay-bys off, as i have forgotten what i have brought. 

    IMG_0795+ Wasting : The night away watching House. 

    + Weather : Raining this week, today however wasn’t too bad. 

    + Wearing : Trying to keep warm, so yoga pants, socks, and top.  

    + Wishing : My eye would stop twitching. its annoying. 

    + Wondering : How the hell people can be so bloody stupid. A customer paid on Wednesday night for a Detector, Contacted Jack Friday to ask if its in stock (We send from a Warehouse in the USA, Friday was a Holiday there for Thanksgiving, Paypal Payment is yet to be cleared, and he gets a pay pal dispute asking why it hasn’t been sent yet). Seriously more than two business days are required for a detector to leave the Warehouse, and then its got to go through the USA Mail System, Australian Customs, and then Australia Post. 

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