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Round em’ Up!


Today’s post is meant to be a collaboration with another Blogger, well that didn’t happen as there where no comments on the post. It could have also been a link up to other bloggers, in my previous experience with trying to do that i haven’t found it to be all that beneficial, and most of them are talking about a certain blogger and how “Mummy Blogs” are over, so won’t re-hash that subject.

Here is what i have been writing about this week.. The Things we leave behind: Discussing the questions that we should be taking note of and writing down to pass onto our children. Well in my view anyway. Coffee & Chat Tuesday:  A new regular weekly update. All Mapped Out: Getting christmas organised. Today i Will: A todo list of sorts.

Now it’s your turn. Of the above posts which one resonated with you the most? Do you agree with what i have written?

Post your note

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