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A Single Day,


…Indulging in buying new art…

Send the girl off to school on Wednesday Morning and Jack and I headed off to Launceston. We only get here a couple of times a year even though it’s only two hours from home.

Stop at Bruce’s first for a much needed start to the day double shot of coffee.

Drive straight through to Launceston, usually we would make a few stops along the way for snacks and coffees, but knowing we had to be back around school times we went straight through.

First stop is Shiploads / Party, where i managed to spend way more than anticipated, but got a heap of burlap and heshion craft items and christmas bits and bobs.

Next stop Kmart. and OMG! managed to find most of my “Unicorns”, and then extras that i didn’t know i needed, managed to sneak in a couple of new christmas trees too.

We then took a walk around the town, popping into a few gift shops and buying some more christmas things, found a delightful little teddy bear shop that if my mum was still walking this earth would have adored, and cot a couple of special little things there.

Winding our way through the Mall and into Myers Giftorium and buying some special Baubles (It’s a tradition to each year buy a bauble or two at Myers as a Tribute to my late Nanna as that was her favourite store).

We then walked to Target and brought even more Baubles there, kicking myself now i didn’t get an Advent Calendar as turns out it wasn’t at our local when i went to look the next day.

Walking back to the car we popped into a gift shop and brought the above picture. Which i fell madly in love with as soo as i read it, and its now hanging in the hallway.

Back through the mall to get to the Car park and going into the shop i saw on the way through and buying the #PaperBag that i have wanted since first seeing one on Instagram months ago.

Finally finding our way back to the car, we drove to Spotlight, well i went to spotlight and Jack went to Anaconda and found me in spotlight. I went in looking for Heidi Swapp stuff and couldn’t find anything that i wanted. So ended up using my Voucher (Spend over $100.00 and get $40.00 off purchases), got a few things that i have been wanting that can be used after christmas as well.

One thing i realised is i probably don’t need any more Stag Heads.

We stop in to the Boating shop that Jack wanted to go to and he got some things that he was wanting.

We make the long (of not so long) drive home.

Make a stop in Devonport to go to Shiploads and Rays. I get a text from Angel to say that she is home, but badly sunburnt and her eyes hurt.

So we drive home, what feels like takes forever when its less than an hours drive.


Get home to find Angel’s burnt but not as bad as we where imagining, (Her school had a two day Athletics Carnival, and she was told to take a Hat & Sunscreen/Water, and due to her fair skin she knows to sit out of the sun, She didn’t wear a hat at all, and only put the sunscreen on once, teenagers who think they know everything). We did however take her to the Dr’s because she said that her eyes hurt. She had a first degree sunburn  on her eye, so had to stay in the dark, and wear sunglasses for a couple of days, Jack took her back on Friday to the Dr and she was fine), but we got her checked to be on the safe side.  I said in the Car to Jack that Angel needed to put cucumber on her eyes to help the burns, Dr said the exact same thing. Angel put them on and it reminded me of my mum at a make up party we once had.

We eventually got settled back in at home, and unpacked the car and gave Angel all of the things that we had brought for her, which and started to get the christmas stuff organised.

Lots of shopping brought and walking done, Angel was ok. All in all it was an eventful day.

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