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Hi you have reached the social media complaints department,

We are not here right now we are stuck in a never ending spiral of complaining about things on Facebook, instagram, twitter and any/all other social media.

We don’t like your grammar, you have made a spelling mistake and i need to insult you about it, we don’t like there tone or phrase and never write in CAPITAL letters.

We are not happy that you smiled today when it was raining. (We shall ignore the fact that it took all of your energy just to get out of bed this morning, and you have had a really bad day, week, month, year, life and today was the first time that you smiled) In-fact don’t even start on the complaints about the weather. Its too hot, its too cold, my ice-cream melted and it was snowing… ahhhh so annoying.


We are upset at the smallest things and turn them into much bigger things and create a keyboard war between a complete stranger who lives on the other side of the world.

We insult someone that has helped up in the past because they had the nerve to like something or someone that i don’t agree with.

We get upset when a Fitness Trainer (Insert correct name here – Bridges, Jane, Hall, etc) says something that we don’t like, because heaven forbid that they be allowed an opinion on something that they have had (Insert years) training in. The same can be said for “TV” Chef’s, Artists, Tv Personalities.

We argue about a TV show that has no relevance and is just a bit of created / scripted reality TV.. and then there is the Kardashians and Real Housewives of everything.

Sport is a whole other entity, we love to hate on other teams, countries and codes. Forget all of the hard work that the player has put in or not put in and they lose, but no we blame the coach and fire him for not winning a game / season.

Don’t even start on the Apple V’s Android, or the my cooking machine is better than yours, breast / bottle / formula (inset product of your choice v’s that of someone else’s choice), religion etc debates

Even when we know that someone else is right they are wrong anyway because i don’t agree with there views.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us, your call / complaint is important to us. We will (NOT) get back to you because we are too busy complaining about stupid crap that has nothing to do with us..

Now i have had my whinge for the day!


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