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A story in a single image

Todays prompt is to find a story from an image.

Of the 4 this is the one that appealed to me the most. To me this would represent jumping right in, Spreading your wings and going for it. We often hold back and stay out of focus instead of just jumping in an enjoying the moment, I know I personally am one to hold back, stay silent for silents sake.

It’s a very rare occasion where I have just taken a chance. I am one of those people who over analyse everything, and I worry about the pro’s and cons and what if’s. I write lists (Even if it’s just in my head) of will this benefit me if i do it this way or that way. What if the water is cold, I will be soaked to the bone afterwards. Instead of just going for it and grabbing a towel or taking a hot bath afterwards.

I guess that’s one of the big differences between Angel and I, she would have no hesitation in jumping into the cold Tasmania Water even in Winter. In Summer we can’t get her out of it. She loves that we live so close to the Beach.

Although I would say I am the one in front of the action capturing it with one of my cameras or phone, So it’s not a forgotten moment, it is one preserved in time to look back on over the tears. It’s laughing over the memory of it years later after looking through our albums.

Would you Jump in, Hold Back or capture this moment?. 

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