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Currently In October…

A combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes & Amy Tangerine & Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in.

Goodness me! How the heck did we end up here at the end of October, Seriously wasn’t it just April.. This year has gone so fast… I am shocked that the Valentine’s Day Merchandise hasn’t started appearing in the shops already, (I kid you not, it wouldn’t surprise me) but give it a week or three.. You know because there is nothing like having Halloween & Christmas stuff all together.

Admiring: Still Lusting after the Nikki Lissoni Bracelets. Come on Santa* I would love some of these under my tree.

Being: Tired isn’t fun.

Buying: Stuff from Kmart is So addictive. Brought an old Chaise Lounge that we are planning on doing up.

Bookmarking: Healthy Living Pages. I finished up the last round of MB12WBT and debated about weather or not to go back on it, and decided that i needed a change, one of the girls on FB put my onto Healthy Life Project. I have been on it a few days now, and so far so good. Also loving the New Jamie Oliver book so i have been Bookmarking his recipes that i want to try out. See link below

Cooking: Most of the month it has been MB12WBT Recipes with a Jamie Oliver one thrown into the mix.

Considering: I spent a long time considering what to get Angel for her Birthday this year, seriously teen girl and having her Birthday so close to christmas it isn’t easy trying to work out what she wants. So a Bedroom Makeover is happening instead. She has had a lot of input into what she wants and we are going to build her new furniture, so it all matches.

Coveting: Nikki Lissoni Jewellery. Have even given Jack a wish list.

Deciding: What to do for Angel’s Birthday next month. (See above /)

Disliking: All of the Seafood options on Cafe Menu’s

Disappointed: With the above /. & with the Metal Detecting issues.

Digging: The Kmart Christmas Decor. Will share more of my finds and unicorns in November.

Drinking : We had the Annual Tulip festival here, and i really don’t drink a lot perhaps a couple of times a month, but they had one of the local Cider Companies there, and oh my.. It was Delish.. Also drinking Tea again, i had no coffee at all yesterday. OMG torture or what… I am a 2-5 cup a coffee drinker, so the headaches / withdrawals are the worst bit.

Doing: Not a lot, i have a lot to do i am just not doing it.

Eating: Just been out to lunch and had a burger at a local cafe. Yes i am trying to lose weight, but just needed a study break.

Enjoying: A coffee, i didn’t have one yesterday, when i go out i will have a coffee, when i am home i all have tea or water.

Feeling: Optimistic about getting Angel’s room built for her birthday.

Finally: Finding my Unicorns from Kmart is better than striking Gold.

Following: Way too many groups and pages lately.. I really should do a cull.

Giggling: About the IDIOT! who has started up his antics again, Seriously someone get this guy a life..

Happening: This week is a busy one. Jack has a couple of Uni Exams, a Dr’s Appointment, We are going to a Thermomix Cooking Class, Jacks off to meet the New Prime Minister, Angel has Gymnastics, Breakfast Club & Youth Group.

Hoping: That the weather continues to be as nice as what it is.

Helping: Jack with Projects is high on the Priority list.

Hearing: Jack get gossiped about makes me really angry, and i wish that the person causing all of the problems would just f^&k off.

Keeping: Up with all of the Detecting Drama, is exhausting.

Looking: For probably close to 18 months now i have been looking for our old Canon Battery for the Big Camera (EOS400D) I did say old didn’t i! Well jack was looking for something earlier and came across it, and we even managed to locate the Charger, and the Card was in it, so charging that up, and will have a play with it later, its been so long since i have used it. Although locating the adapter to get the photos onto my laptop maybe an impossible feat.

Liking: That i got my iPhone Back, and that my Laptop is working again.. The simple things..

Loving: The cherry Tree just outside our lounge room window.

Listening: SHHHHHH don’t say a word, Angel’s at school and i don’t have to hear her talk non stop without taking a breath..

Making: Memories and Moments… & Marble Table tops.

Marvelling: At how many things are swirling around in my head.

Needing: To get started on all of the projects that i want done before jack goes back to work. To catch up on my photos.

Not Digging: How many spam calls and emails we are getting and even Facebook requests. Its getting beyond a joke..

Noticing: how busy it is around town lately, we had the Tulip Festival, and then a Motocross Endurance race so its been extra busy around town with a few thousand extra people.

Opening: The door to new adventures. This year seems to have been about finding new things to enjoy, which is a good thing.

Planning: Angels room Makeover.

Pondering: how to create two lounge rooms in our very small 2 bedroom house.

Playing: With my iPhone now that its working again.

Reading: Brought an old Zoe Foster book from the Local Book Fair last weekend, i have yet to start reading it, but when i get a spare minute i will.

Sorting: The konmari Method has been put on the back burner for a little while. I am aware that we need to sort the house out, and buying more Home Decor and Chairs probably doesn’t help my cause at all.

Sewing: Nothing, but we did get the Sewing machine out the other day. Its an old Pinnock that was my Dad’s Mums, and then she game it to my Mum, When Mum passed away it was given to me, i was going to give it to Angel. But Neither Jack nor myself can work the thing out, so looks like i will be buying a replacement. I shall ignore the fact that then i will have 8 sewing machines and i don’t even sew.

Smelling: Odd smells lately. Like Cigarette Smokes and Cat Pee. I must be coming down with something, or the Asthma Meds are clearing my sinuses.

Snacking: I have started the Healthy Living programme so i am meant to be snacking, but thats something that i don’t do anyway.

Thinking: About all of the things that i have to do, and then things i haven’t done at all this month. I havent done any of One Little Word or The Big Picture Classes at all despite paying money to do them.

Watching: Mad Men. No idea why i never got into this show when it was originally on, but i am almost through season 6 with only season 7 to go, and then will need to look for something new to watch. What are your Netflix recommendations.

Waiting: For Jack to come out of the bedroom (he is studying for an exam) so we can pick the kid up.

Wanting: To get started on my Week in The Life Album, but i have a fear of stuffing it up.

Wasting: The day away, typing this ever growing list out.

Weather: Sunny

Wearing: My going out attire, as we went out for lunch a few hours ago, and i haven’t bothered getting changed, but since we have to go out again a few more times i guess i should just stay in what i am in.

Wishing: That there where more hours in the day.

Wondering: What to wear to meet the PM.

Edited to add @1 November

TIME : 11:24pm


WEATHER :  12.9c

EATING :  Smartie Chocolate


LOVING : Mad Men



ANTICIPATING : Sorting the christmas stuff out, after angels birthday



PLANNING :  way to many projects

LOOKING FORWARD TO :  Finishing something i have started just once would be good

CREATING :  Lots of things

NEED TO FINISH :  The Ruler / timeline

WISHING :  Mad Men wasn’t almost finished. Season 7 episode 6

MAIN THIS WEEK GOAL :  Getting things ready for Angels Birthday.

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