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Currently… October


I do a similar one to this at the end of the month but it could be interesting to compare how halfway through the month things are going.

+ Having my Canon Selphy back, though its been a week since i got more paper and i haven’t touched it.

+ Iced Coffees that Angel made for me in the KitchenAid Blender. (She is not allowed to use the Thermomix anymore).

+ Beef Pad See Ew. A Mb12 Recipe, this has come up on my menu list many times, and i either haven’t had the ingredients or we where going out for dinner, So this was a first time recipe, although i did not follow it to a T, it was one of the loveliest meals,

+ Quiet moments now that Angel is Back at school.
+ And that i have just spent just over an hour doing the filing of our papers work and recipes for the past few months. Nice to have that out of the way.

+ Fat and very unhealthy. I have a few more days left on MB12WBT, not sure what i am going to do after this, i do like the recipes, the Dr has told me i need to walk more.

+ To get healthier, Jack brought me a packet of chips i gave them to angel, they just made me feel sick and guilty.

+ Angel complaining how hot it is.

+ Mad Men, Seriously why did i not watch a single episode when it was originally on.

  • All of the Marble and Copper stuff thats coming out at Kmart & Target.

Needing: + To figure out what to do for Angel’s birthday

Not Digging:
+ That i don’t have my iPhone. It seems to be constant lately that something needs to be sent away to be fixed, or has broken.
+ That i am Allergic to Grass & Dust-mites. But happy that i know about it.

+ Nothing. I really need to fins a book worth reading. Whats on you’re reading list.

+ About Angels Birthday.
+ About all of the great new stuff out at Kmart.
+ About what to get for Christmas
+ About things that i want to make
+ About Jack going on Leave and then it being cancelled, and then it being reinstated but a week off, week on, week off, and then it being cancelled again, and then it being approved because he took the whole matter to HR and they had it sorted out

+ To go shopping.

+ GoogleBox. This show is seriously so funny.
+ Mad Men. Thank goodness for Netflix. Who the heck did i live with out it. although i would love Presto.
+ Neighbours.

+ Was a nice day today, just the right temp.

+ That i was more Organised.
+ That the house was clean.
+ That i had my iPhone back.
+ That all of my photos where up to date.

Original by Amy Tangerine

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