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Canon Selphy / i can print again

New Canon Selphy (CP910) has arrived.

Have so far printed out February & March’s photos (march was busy).

My Canon Selphy Cp900 died at the end of January so i am really behind in my printing. Thankfully we also brought a large paper pack and i had one left from the last machine.

I am thinking though with the paper / ink i have left i amy only get as far as May / June. Only thing i am not liking is that the photos are really dark compared to how they look on my laptop. I have gone through and edited some to lighten them up.

A paper pack contains 18 pages and two of them last for one ink cartridge. I have had various versions over the years Kodak, Canon, Sony and they are all the same. I wanted an epson Picturemate but they have been discontinued. Eventually i may get the Fujifilm Instax One. for the smaller photos. 36 6×4. i buy the bulk pack its around $45 for 108 sheets and three cartridges. its quite expensive, our printer cant even print a full month of 30 photos so for me this is better. But i can also adjust the settings as i go.

i have between 300-500 photos all up to print of the over 12 thousand i have taken this year, so a huge job and i looked at getting them done by one of the printers. I still have to print some larger sized photos out for a couple of projects yet. i had already ordered the printer before i seen the review. I still may get some done that way, perhaps do a months worth.

From May i have them organised in the Collect App. But its not looking promising to even get all of April printed before i run out of ink / paper. Note to self: i take way too many photos.

Update: 3pm
150 photos printed out (Feb/Apr), got up to April 22. Will get more paper tomorrow or wednesday and put in an eBay order for a bulk pack. I just want to get this finished now.

Still need to print out photos for
-Week in the life
-Day in the life
-Monthly Family Photos
-Always Us
-Project Life (Started)

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