Heidi Swapp Memory Planner
Heidi Swapp Memory Planner

It’s around September and October that i start thinking about new Diaries for the coming year. A couple of years ago i wrote this post (HERE), Outlining my favourite planners and the reasons why i liked them (there are a lot). 

This year i have been using

  • The Heidi Swapp Memory Planner for all of my Photography, Project Life, and crafty projects, but truth be told i just fill the thing up with random stickers).
  • My family diary this year is the Erin Condren 12 Month Planner that i uncoiled and put into my Kikki K Gold Planner (My uncoiling post can be found here). It needs a major update.
  • For health & fitness i have been using the Lorna Jane Move Nourish Believe Diary & a Kikki K Health Book. Being on the Michelle Bridges Programme i thought i would use both of these more than i have.

I also brought other random less expensive planners, that i didn’t end up using at all. Half the time i just make notes on my phone, and even have several phone apps that i downloaded and don’t use.

You would think with the amount of things that both Jack and Angel have going on i would have filled them up, but i guess thats my main problem, i see how many things they have going on and then i look at mine and there is nothing. So sometimes i wonder why i need a planner at all.

And then i think, year thats right i am addicted to finding the perfect one. which is still an ongoing adventure. So far this year i have brought the 2016 Collective Planner.

I am sure before the year is out i will be filling my Diary Basket with even more diaries.

Do you have a favourite? What do you think makes for a great planner? 

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