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When your Baby is sick,


My Thermomix went to Hospital Yesterday, I am expecting it will be a bit of a wait until i have it back, (The Hobart Technician is away so its had to be posted off to Victoria), Which means having to cook things the “Old Fashioned Way”..

Yes i know it can be done, I did enough cooking classes and working in hospitality back in the day to know that, Its just the convenience of having it in the kitchen. I am just now realising how much i used it, even though i felt i didn’t use it enough.

Went to grate cheese last night, Had to get Jack to get the KitchenAid Blender down and found that it needed to be washed first so into the dishwasher that went, and he ended up having to Grate Cheese using the hand grater. Went to make eggs this morning and had to use the Saucepan. Sometimes its just the little things that are normally really quick to do.

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