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August 2015 –

typorama-8Well this month hasn’t been all that fab, its had its ups and really bad downs.

Admiring: Peoples neat and tidy Konmaried & K-Marted Homes. Mine lasts about a week like that.

Buying: Way too much at Kmart..

Cooking: Not much, since my Thermomix isn’t working & I’m on Michelle Bridges.

Considering: Not buying anymore pets.

Coveting: A new Printer, Sad that the Epson Picturemate has been Discontinued.

Drinking: Being so sick, i am drinking lots of water, juice and coffee.

Deciding: What to do about getting a huge batch or between 300 / 400 photos printed. I feel like this year i have failed miserably at memory keeping.

Disliking: The fact that Angel has blown my Thermomix up. That my Dog Zoe Passed Away and that today my cat got hit by a car and has died. This month has SUCKED!!!

Enjoying: The memory jar i brought yesterday.

Following: Way too many Kmart pages.

Feeling: Very Cold, its freezing today.

Giggling: At the Neighbours pages who are up in arms about the “Affair”

Hoping: That my thermomix can be fixed.

Helping: My mental health by Colouring in.

Hearing: Dr Phil rabbit on.. Yes i know, i shouldn’t watch but i do.

Looking: Forward to seeing Legally Blonde the Musical.

Liking: That Offspring could be coming back, really is been the highlight of the weekend.

Loving: Being able to breathe, without having a coughing fit.

Making: Sure that i have all of this Medication to get rid of this flu.

Noticing: It’s after 1pm and i haven’t eaten lunch yet & Need to take medication.

Opening: My Email shortly and checking what other draft emails / blog posts i have been meaning to catch up with.

Playing: Or hope to be soon the new Jimmy Barnes, Cold Chisel and Adam Brand CD’s.

Pondering: What colour to paint the Buffett That Jack brought in last night from the shed.

Reading: Nothing at the moment, i really need to buy a book.

Smelling: Yes i think i can again.. Having the flue is awful.

Sorting: Out if i have all of my photos up-to-date for FMS Photo-A-Day & Heidi Swapps Capture Life.

Snacking: Or will be tonight on Potato chips, hopefully it doesn’t hurt my sore throat too much.

Wanting: To go out somewhere, and forget that this month happened.

Wishing: That this flu would P/Off..

Waiting: to go to Launceston.

Wearing: warm clothes because its so cold.

Watching: Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meals, and being thrilled that i commented on his Facebook page the other day and he / or his reps liked my comment.

Original Taking stock created by Pip from Meet Me at Mikes

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