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House Tour

Edited to add. Inspection was last week.

Every few months we have a rent inspection, this time around it was 8 weeks after the last one, So i figure it’s always a good opportunity to share my latest buys and room decor.

Lounge / Dining / Study

Hello Husband :).. Totally loving these Kmart Tables & Round Rug.

We got the light last fortnight off lay-by, and then Jack put this remote controlled coloured globe into it, and just took it to a whole new level. Gah i swear the thing i hate most is this TV Unit. We are looking at buying one or building one.

I had one of these mirrors for a few months and then last fortnight got the other two, and love this wall now, i had hated it with a passion before, because of the colour and the jutted bricks shelves as nothing fits on them.

in 2007 we brought a display model Ikea extendable dining table, up until we moved here thats what we used, We then used and sanded/painted a free old school desk that we brought over from Perth with us, and then a fortnight ago got this.. Totally love it. Chairs not so much because they are quite bulky around it. But since i have only had them a few months i have to keep them..

Study Area.

I KonMaried this area about 8 weeks ago, and its pretty much stayed this way. I have to say its a dream to look at.. I just adore the rainbow of books.

See that basket, Its full of my cameras. i really need a solution to this..


The hallway has always been like another room to style, as its so big. One end i have this hall stand, One day i will get another one or two of these stands as they are fantastic. If i had our own home, or if we built one i would totally put in a mud room.

This is our Book Nook.. OH how i love this chair.. Its so adorable.

Not a huge space but its now usable.

Angels room

Now her beds

Our room

Now that i have the kitchen, living area, hallway and even the front verandah sorted out. This is my next project. We got this bed from mum early 2011 i would say, it was hers and my stepdads. They had it for quite a number of years before giving it to us. due to moving into a caravan they no longer needed it and as our bed, which was only a cheepie wasn’t all that great we took it off their hands. I have always wanted to paint it white, but was always told by other family members under no circumstances was i to do so.. So after much thought and consideration to who’s it was, i have discussed it with jack, and instead of painting it we are going to turn it into a fabric covered bed. Im thinking a grey fabric. Would love a grey chair for the space where the mirror is at the moment.


Front Verandah

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