Pegboard DIY

Over the past few weeks hubby and I have been working on this project for the kitchen. Finished it on Sunday night.

Board is a standard sheet of ply from Bunnings with holes drilled into it using a spade bit, thats probably the longest part of the process, but i would say measuring, drilling, cutting the dowel and timber could all be done in an afternoon. Ply fits just flush under the cabinets with a slight lean, but won’t fall, if hanging on a wall would need a bracket. Can be moved as it’s not fastened to anything.

Drill holes into it, Cut timber and dowels to length.

There is a similar one in this months homes + magazine and also heaps on instragram and you tube.

Cost just under $50 to make.

I love it so much. We are in a rental so these are just propped up between the top of the bench and the overhead cupboards. We are going to build a smaller version for near the kettle and coffee machine for the tea and coffee stuff, and then maybe also with the left over another side to this one for herbs and spices, as its where the Microwave, KitchenAid and Thermomix are.

When i saw this idea on instagram a few months ago i knew i had to have it. We are in a really small rental so small items tend to get lost or misplaced and i am forever looking for things like measuring cups etc, so this is perfect for that,

Going to get some S hooks for those, and also thought of using the small shelves with hooks from kmart instead of the timber.

I like that it can be adapted to suit us, and moved if needed.


  • Kmart: Concrete faux plants, Copper utensil holder, Jug, Tea/coffee/sugar canisters, lightbox, Egg holder, Copper bowls, Copper/wood vase, Measuring cups. 
  • Target: Yellow Ampersand, salt / pepper dishes, Bottle, Oil bottle, Curtis stone Chopping Board. 
  • Shiploads: Small bowls.  
  • Reject shop: Lights. 


  • Small faux succulents from The Importer Shop.
  • Cream 2 bowl (has 1 inside it and 3 around somewhere) – Indigo House Burnie.
  • Blue Bowl – ? not sure could be kmart or target a while ago.
  • White Jug – Ikea.
  • Blue lidded jar – freedom.
  • Wooden utensils assorted from assorted places.