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  • Bags done.

I have gathered a lot of this from a Facebook post / comments, so if you are on my friends list there is a good chance that you have already read it.

As part of KonMari and clearing out what no longer brings JOY I have been procrastinating over this one task. You see Handbags are my weakness, i fall for them so easily, i dream about them… But not all of them i have loved.

I have always been about the pockets and what they can fit, and how many there where. I used to carry the kitchen sink, sofa, and a couple of bricks in my bag ok maybe not so drastic, but it sure felt that way, because the bags where also heavy. Over time i have managed to cut down what i actually take with me for an outing. Now its only a clutch purse with many items stuffed in there. A camera (Depends on day and where we are off to, but i have a small Fuji DSLR that i carry around), and always my phone and sunglasses.

I also have a bad back so tend to have stuck with Cross Body type bags, and most of my older bags where in black. More recently i have branched out and brought assorted colours, which bring me much more joy.


The first number is total of Bags, second in brackets is what i kept. Not all are in correct categories and i probably could have broken it down further.

* Purses, small bags and pencil cases : 21 (14) 2a
* Small bags. 15. (5)
* Clutches 5 (2)
* Bags/ Lunch/ Beach 14 still have more than this somewhere (7) plus current tote I am using
* Camera bags 8 one is a nappy bag. Keeping all ⅔ small camera bags for Jack to sort
* School/Laptop 6 (1 is mine which i am keeping)
* Shopping bags 14 (5) purged one rest an be used for donation bags.

Total sorted 82
Total I’m keeping 41 still some more to be sorted by Jack 5+ () (+See others) & Angel: 10 (5).

Purses, Small Bags & Pencil Cases: 

Majority is pencil cases, small make-up type purses that I use to sort things in my handbags like small camera stuff, note books, pens etc.  I’m positive I have more pencil cases that could be in stationary. I did find my Jewellery Bag that i use for travelling and one i use for medication.

Camera, Nappy, Laptop Bags

This is a Mixed Bag (See what i did there :))…

Baby bags make for great camera bags. I use the baby bottle holders for my lenses and assorted stuff for my camera bag. Mine is a Vanchi, I love that they have so many pockets, but many now can be just as if not more expensive than a camera bag. There is one i have been looking at at Target ( its a smaller one as all my others (Jo Totes & SHUTTERbag USA) except for perhaps my Epiphanie are larger). not that i have been taking manu of the camera out lately i tend to use my phone more now.

I use One main Camera Bag that stores all of our cameras in, and as we KonMari the house more we are finding more and more camera stuff.  I would love the Red Jo Tote one. Somerset i think its called, but haven’t been bothered getting one. I have decided not to cull my Camera Bags as i use them for all different purposes. Hence why i also haven’t brought another one.

Never giving up my Michael Kors laptop bag, and Camera bags are a separate category:). (See above).  I am sure that i have at least 2 old Laptop bags in the big shed, I also want one of these but the postage to here costs more than the bag.. frown emoticon which is why i haven’t brought one.. My Laptop is kept in a BookBook, and it’s very rare that i take it out, mostly if we are going to the markets for stock purposes.

Scrapbooking Totes:

I got rid a most of these before moving here, but know i have two very expensive ones still in the shed.


I only kept 7 Larger style handbags and they where my faves that I use all the time. I did get rid of the bags I brought in Bali and Queensland. What I did notice is I didn’t keep many black bags, even purged my Kate hill ones (always hated the linings that they use).


I use my Michelle Bridges Lunch Bags for my MB12WBT stuff other Is For my diaries and store them in my desk.

Walked into the kitchen and found a couple more shopping bags they breed like rabbits and whats ridiculous is we usually forget to take them.

I didn’t include bags from sheds of which I know there are several, (+)

  • The bags for Jack and Angel’s Guitars
  • Camping bags for tents etc.
  • Angel also has a Gym bag for Gymnastics that’s in the hallway.
  • Metal Detector bags.

We did the suitcases a few days ago kept two large ones and three small (Angel uses for camp etc). The suitcases are also now empty where as they previously held books and paperwork, and general junk.

I do have to look for a new Weekender Bag as my Niece took mine and i never got it back, Not that i envisage going away in the near future, but we have been talking about staying at Cradle Mountain again over the winter.

What i do need to find is the dust bags for many of them, i know i have a few, and only came across two so far.

ANGEL: 10 bags.. Purged 5 (two being thrown out 3 donate) keeping 5.

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