KonMari Update

Still KonMaring the house, it feels like a never ending process, but i can see that we have purged quite a number of things. Just asked jack and he said two to three green bins full, could have been a little more.


Donated i think 3 bags of clothes. For the things i kept i had nowhere to store them (as Jack and i swapped sides of the room) until i brought the wire drawers last month i hadn’t folded them or hung them all. So as we sort through our room i will be doing that. Plus a majority of my clothes had been in the wash after i did my cull.

Bags are one of the items in clothes that i haven’t done yet, i collect handbags, and as these have been in different spots in our room that i haven’t been able to get too i have held off, but Jacks been sorting through his things and has come across a lot of them, so any bags we are finding today i am setting aside in a large pile to sort through. I do think though that i will have to break this down further as i have handbags, camera bags, and smaller bags.

Suitcases / Luggage (not actually on the list at all) we actually sorted out on Saturday when doing the paperwork, and emptied two very large suitcases and three smaller ones and left them empty and stored away.


There is a box of books to be donated, most magazines are gone, i have found a few stragglers that where amongst papers that i need to deal with, but most i would say are going out.


We did this weekend and that was about three green bags full. I just have to find a space to sit and file them. There is only a small handful that we are keeping because they are Medical / Tax / Rental / Car / Personal / Employment.


These are further broken down into smaller categories that i have been sorting as i go.  Some of the categories are a little wacky like paper clips and pins, staplers etc, but its stuff that we all have multiples of.

  • Office / Craft – This is the scary part of this process, I am  Scrapbooker / Memory Keeper (Also refer to Sentimental Category) and i have a lot of $h!t associated with various crafts, though i have culled as i have gone along and in the past, so don’t have as much as what i once did.
  • Kitchen – I have been doing kitchen organisation every 6 months or so, but not a major cull that’s really needed of excess stuff, like i know i have 4 dinner sets (we are a family of three, even when we had my niece here we didn’t need that many)!!! 2 unused in the back of the cupboard, one sentimental (mums, which is packed away in the bottom of my wardrobe) & my Jamie Oliver Set i collected from Woolworths which i absolutely LOVE. Cutlery is another thing i need to work on, as i can never find any. Tea Cups and coffee mugs, Glasses are another thing i know we have a lot of, and please don’t even get me started on how many Tea Pots that i have (i know i have a couple here in the house but i also know i have a cupboard FULL to the brim in the back shed). EKKK…
  • Pantry – Our pantry is organised as in that i love the containers i have brought from kmart, i just need to go through and do a stocktake as its been sometime since i updated our spices etc. (more on that in a future post). But it could do with a quick tidy.
  • Utility Room –  I will be doing the Laundry / Utility which is the same room for us. Even though we have two Sheds, one a very large one with two rooms in it, and the other a garden shed, we tend to use our laundry room as a catch all for all of the crap that lives in our house. So its a case of moving whats in there out onto the deck (when we don’t have a storm that is and going right through everything). Since we moved here we have always used the overhead cupboard to store junk in, i have what i call “Party Boxes” which are assorted tins used for various holidays / parties / movie nights for decorating i want to be able to store these in a more organised way in this cupboard so i am excited to be able to work on that.
  • Living Room – As far as the living room goes i have been working on that (See furniture Below) so its a case of quick tidy up.
  • Children’s rooms –  Angels at this very moment working on her room, i am leaving that up to her, and if she needs anything i am happy to help. I have given her a couple of things to use as storage as she didn’t have anything (a make up bag and a Jewellery Dress that i know longer needed as i have my own organisation), both of these can hang in her wardrobe so save some space.
  • Bathroom | Laundry Room –  The Bathroom i did about 8+ weeks ago, but it could do with a quick spruce up, and i have found that some things have been put in other rooms, so will move them all into the bathroom.
  • Furniture – We got rid of our very large lounge suite and brought two smaller two seaters, one a brand new modern one, the other a 2nd-hand Ikea one which is very Shabby Chic White comfy one.
  • Animals (not them their stuff 🙂). – We have Two Dogs, A Cat and two 4 month old kittens, so they have stuff.. LOTS OF STUFF!!!


The last of the very large list is Sentimental, which i have been setting aside in my Photo Cupboard. I know why this is left last, as i have come up against a few things in the process that i have been wondering about.

We are getting there but yes i can see why it would take several months, i have had moments of relief, sadness, emotional and so much more just with the first three categories.