KonMari & the paper pile

On Saturday we started working on paper, much of it from our bedroom. For the fifteen years we have been together we (mostly jack) have used suitcases to store any sort of paperwork. I have over the years tried to file things but it only lasted so long. At the start of the year I found a great important documents filing system I blogged about it on my other blog. As we come across things I have been adding to the files and document box. It took a couple of hours to find and sort, purge what paper we came across, then it took me around ten minutes to go through what we kept, I have to file it today but that shouldn’t take long at all. Feels so much better to have purgers about two / three bags of paper Onto the next catagorie shortly which is kimono. Which is all of the micilanious items. Give me strength and may it spark joy. Whilst the end isn’t in sight for a long while yet I can see progress.