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KonMari & Kimono / Paper

Call Dora if i am not out by nightfall, i may need someone with a Map.  Call Dora if i am not out by nightfall, i may need someone with a Map.

In order to sort out papers i have to first locate it all. That there lies the problem, its hidden in cupboards, drawers, boxes, baskets and anywhere else a thin sheet of paper can hide..

The result of tipping out all of the boxes and baskets from the expedite. So much crap.

It’s a kon mari thing, gather all of the same items together and only keep what brings you joy. I can assure you that most of this doesn’t bring me any JOY what-so-ever. But after a few years of things getting stashed into boxes and baskets around the house, this is only one room i am sick of spending hours looking for things that have been “Put Away”. So sorting it into like with like,

So i have tipped out all of the odds and sods onto the floor and divided up the baskets into Dvd’s / Books / Photos / Papers (Still to be sorted) / Stationary / First Aid & Bathroom / Tools, Sewing & miscellaneous / Crafting  / Homewares / Candles / Cords / Electrical items

The need to sort into categories is because we have multiples of things like 6 printers.. 7 sewing machines.

“It’s just too much..”

Got so annoyed yesterday i had Jack remove our whole lounge suite that i hate into the shed and advertise it on a buy and sell page, having someone look at it tomorrow. Same with our 4 dining chairs and a bookcase. its time to get rid of all of the clutter and excess stuff.

The Konmari method for those unaware is Clothing, Books, Paper, Komono (miscellaneous – collections of things such as cords, batteries, etc), Sentimental.

I have partly done clothing i have some more to fold, we are still woking through books (i thought i was done but keep finding them hidden in boxes and baskets, same with paper). i had the two expeditious in the lounge area and both had the bottom shelves filled with baskets and assorted boxes, each holding so much stuff.

After an hours work I still have so much to do. Have a bunch of empty baskets that I haven’t refilled so that’s a bonus. OH crap, i found more boxes and baskets that haven’t gone onto that pile in the lounge and dinning room..

Was working on a smaller space on the other side of all of this towards the carpet and found a broken bowl.. hmm first casualty of tipping everything out.

My wonderful husband has come home from work and gifted me with a hot coffee and a yummy Chocolate Brownie, so needed because i discovered that we had run out of milk this morning.

Had better get back to it, will be back later with a progress report..

Very Slow going, but tackling a portion of it at a time, its just after 3pm now, and i have made some progress. One garbage bag filled and another on its way to being filled. Still going, but have made a huge dent in it, just having a coffee break.

We accumulate so many similar or same things over time, and most often they are kept in different rooms of the house, its interesting to find that say the container i brought three days ago, i already have because i brought the same one last year i just didn’t remember buying it and couldn’t find it.. oh well i at least know that this container is an add on one so can fit under the one i brought the other day, and why the heck do i have such an obsession with jars and small containers of all different shapes and sizes.. i have twice filled a basket of them, and know i have a box filled with small milk bottles in the hallway. we are a family of three!!!!

Because we have moved the furniture around yesterday i now have a full space to work with (this was our dining room), i have moved the table to in front of the fireplace area thats usually a void / hard to fit anything in space / walk through. This room is going to be my scrap studio / Jack and Angel’s Study area so will have the Mac back in it. now that the books are in the hallway and i will be making that little space a book nook, its like gaining two extra rooms in this tiny house. Getting rid of our large lounge is a huge space saver.

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