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Blog EveryDay in May Day 18


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Day 18
10 things that make you happy

  1. Jack: He is my rock, my best friend and the one person that really gets me. I love that he is happy at Uni even though there is so much else happening.
  2. Angel: She may drive me bonkers, but i love her. That she is happy at school and with her other activities is lovely to see.
  3. Our Pets: Zoe, Bella, Shelby, Flynn & Mae – the craziest most zaniest little fur babies a person could ask for.
  4. Our Life: as craziest as it sounds we are truly blessed to not only live where we do, but also love it.
  5. Coffee Dates: I long for these some weeks when Jacks working non stop, just some time out is always nice
  6. Kmart: This place makes me delirious lately. I just adore the stuff they have on offer, and its totally changed the look of our home. Think Lightboxes, copper candle holder, lamps by the bucketload, vases and faux plants. LOVE…
  7. Marie Kondo’s Book the life changing magic of tidying up: i swear this book has been a game changer, and its making me so happy to see the progress that we have made so far.
  8. Living near the beach: This always makes me happy.
  9. Getting the house the way we want it. each time i think i have it just right, i change it again to accommodate something else, and in the end it doesn’t feel right.
  10. That deep down i know everything is going to be ok, and thats ok with me.

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