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Blog EveryDay in May Day 9


Day 9 // 5 things you love on a Saturday

Saturday’s can be so much fun. We like to do some of the following when Jacks not working.

  1. Coffee at Bruces. We didn’t get to go today, but some Saturdays we do go for either breakfast or lunch.
  2. Walk somewhere. Either at one of the local gardens / walking trails or when we go shopping.
  3. Happy Hour. At the moment we are in KonMarie Mode, but usually we do an hour of cleaning on a Saturday Morning.
  4. Movie Night.. Break out the Popcorn Machine, Snacks, Hotdogs and ice-cream cones, Now Showing on your lounge room TV screen… Set up the TV for a good family movie, and just enjoy hanging out together. We really enjoyed the Recent 8 weeks of Harry Potter Movies.
  5. Game Night: Sometimes we like to switch things up a little and have a Wii Game night. that can last for several hours

Added: Or like tonight a TV Show Marathon..

Angels Saturday Loves are

  1. Meant to be sleeping in
  2. Get to stay up late
  3. Play with the pets
  4. Don’t have to do school work
  5. Watch favourite shows

and play on computer, iPad, iPhone.

Jacks would be simple

  1. Not having to work
  2. No uni
  3. Play on the laptop all day
  4. Watch movies
  5. and the most important for him would be watching the Football.


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