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Dinning Room Makeover Part 1

Be still my heart   Be still my heart

On our way to the local cheap shop this morning with spied these chairs in the window of the secondhand shop knowing how much they cost at other places I thought this was a bargain. So after doing a little bit of shopping we went back and had a look at them. We layby’d them and as their shop is short of storage they said we can take two of them home.

Could you walk past them at this price.  Could you walk past them at this price.

Since last year we have been using these white ones that we got for $15 each at the reject shop. They have served us well but they’re just not all that comfortable and have gotten quite a bit of wear and tear. I’ve been on the lookout for something different that would go around the table, and wasnt really keen on getting the sueade look again as we have had them in the past. I wanted something a little more sturdier.

The table is one we got for free that we bought over from W.A. I got it probably a week before we left Perth. It’s an old school teachers desk so it has 2 a desk drawers in it. It has been a fantastic table and one that i am happy to continue using.

I am planning on putting refinished wooden planks on it, to give it a Farmhouse look, and think that these are going to go so well with it. I wont be able to fit all 6 of them around until after i have done the top, as they are quite bulky and even puting them at either end they cant be pushed all of the way in. But the boards will extend the length of the table which will completely change it.

As i said to jack even buing these and doing the top it’s still cheaper than buying a brand new Dining Suite with the same look. I priced a Farmhouse table in a local to us furniture shop at the start of the year and it was $3000. No way i am paying that when i have a table already.

We are in the process of chaninging the dining room around and moving the Expidite into the Hallway to make more room. Now if only i could get rid of / move the treadmill somewhere else (although i did use it last night). We also have my Photo Cabinent and Jacks Grandmother Clock (which he refuse to let me paint.. With the two extra chairs for the meantime i will put one at the desk and the other in a corner.

I cant wait to see how this room comes together. will keep you updated on it of course..

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