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Blog Everyday in May Day 8

Day 8 Share a book that you’d like to read but haven’t yet. What draws you to it? There is no particular book that i want to read at the moment. But I am currently reading Marie Kondo’s The Life-Chaning Magic of Tidying. I have read many books, and have been on Flylady for around 10 years, I am all over organising shows and have so many storage containers, but still my house is cluttered, I haven’t been able to grasp the concepts that these people have set down in there books, tv shoes, you tube videos, etc. We spend ½ an hour sometimes more looking for just one thing and in the process the house gets trashed and in more chaos. To be honest with you i have had enough. Enough of the Arguments + Enough of the Stress + Enough of the Drama + Enough of the Mess + Enough of all of it So i am at the point where i need to change things, Declutter, Start again if i have too Get rid of the stuff that is holing me back Holing onto the past. Can’t see a future because i have too much stuff. And yes i know i have been shopping at Kmart Lately and i have brought more stuff in without first letting older stuff go. She recommends starting with Clothing, so i have started to empty my room out and currently have a small pile of clothes out in the hallway. I still have to check in any drawers, the wardrobe (You can leave the items in the laundry / clothes line until they come inside). She says to go through each and every cupboard for your clothes, and pile it all in one space, to show the shear volume of just how much you own. I know i am one of these people that look in the wardrobe and can’t see anything to wear. We stop seeing the things we own, and they no longer hold a value to us. She calls her Method Kon Mari, and Suggests that you pick up each item and ask it “Does it Spark Joy” if yes keep it if no get rid of it either by donating or throwing out. She has a particular method of sorting. You can watch the many You Tube Clips popping up online by searching for the KonMari Method. After clothes are Books, Kimono (Miscellaneous items), Photos and Mementos.

  • Books: For me Shouldn’t be too difficult because we had a major cull of them before we left WA. and i haven’t really brought all that many for myself since living here, though i know the ones i do have i can definitely cull.
  • Papers: We tend to hold onto a lot of excess paperwork, i have no idea why, we don’t need it. It doesn’t make us happy keeping so much of it around, and all it really does is add clutter.
  • Kimono: I have so much wall art and home decor items so thats going to be a really tough, though in my heart i know a lot of it doesn’t make me happy any more.
  • Photos: I think i will struggle most with the last one, being a family Memory Keeper and scrapbooker i tend to devour photos and keepsakes as to me they are an important part of who i am.

The process of your house becoming a home that you love with only the things you love in it takes around 6 months. She recommends that you only concentrate on your own things, as each item has to be picked up, So for example i know many things of my husbands doesn’t spark joy for me but for him it does (how rocks spark joy i haven’t go a clue)!! I haven’t finished reading the book, i have been reading it each night for the past few days, and my whole outlook on things that i own has changed, and i haven’t even purged anything. I look around and i now notice the clutter. i notice things that shouldn’t be where they are. I notice small items that i don’t need, That i don’t even like. Things that should be in other rooms, that really shouldn’t be in the lounge / dining / study at all. Books that need to be put away. DVD’s that i haven’t watched in years. it makes me feel stifled. My whole being is also cluttered and confused. I am however procrastinating and really should start the clothing process. Catch you on the flipped with an update..

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