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Blog Everyday in May Day 5


Day 5
Write a ‘How to’ post teaching everyone … well, how to do something! Cooking, crafting, or anything else that takes your fancy

A few days ago i did a DIY makeover on an old sewing table.

Its about ten years old, and we brought it for the barn, to put a sink on top of it for the kitchen, but it never eventuated, i did use it for my sewing machine for a number of years. It has been stuck in the shed here since we moved. It is a great piece and one that i really love, and i have hated that we haven’t had anywhere to put it.

I started off by sanding the top of the table, as it has deteriorated quite a bit. Using a Black and Decker Sander that we have had for a few years. (must add that i then tried to sand another small table that i have and sander blew up, so need to get a new one).

The table was a 150th Anniversary Edition Singer table. Looks so much nicer sanded down, but still with some of the shabbiness to it.

I then set about to painting it. First spaying it, until i ran out of spray. Then i hand painted it (with angels help). There are still some little bits that need to be touched up.

I have decided to leave the top in its natural state, and perhaps oil it or varnish it. I am also looking at adding a wooden top to our dining table, and my cupboard that i got a few months ago has a wooden top, so the theme has started to work its way through out home.

How beautiful does it looks with a simple vase of flowers (Fake Kmart ones BTW)..

I am going to put this at the front door under the hello / welcome signs. On the opposite side of the hallway is our Hallway Bench that Holds shoes, coats & bags. So this will be a nice little landing table for things like keys, purses, phones, letters.


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