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Blog everyday in May


Last Year, and i think even the year before that i took part in Blog Everyday in May run by a couple of different Bloggers. This year it is being run by Simone Young. So since i haven’t been spending a great deal of time over here, i thought it was a great opportunity to re-explore the prompts.

Day 1  //  Goal setting.  What are your plans for today?  (And/or this week?  This month?  This year?)

There are a couple of things this months that i am looking forward too and a couple that i am not. With Jack at work & Uni, and running the Business and his appointments, and Angel at school, doing Breakfast Club & Gymnastics, a majority of my time is trying to keep up with what they are both doing.
But i do have some things that i am planning on.

One Little Word // Ali Edwards: I have missed Aprils Prompt so need to go back and explore that, and work on this months prompt when it is released. FMS Photo A Day // Whilst i love doing these, of late i haven’t been all that motivated. But i want to get back into it and update my photos. A Day in the Life // Ali Edwards (May 12)

Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation // Looking forward to getting my weight loss back on track, and getting back into working out.

Mothers Day (May 10) & Dad’s Anniversary (May 11). I am lucky that i get to be a mother to Angel, but mothers day also makes me very aware of just how much i miss my Mum, having the anniversary of Dad Passing away the very next day is also very hard. So i tend to go into a bit of a shell for that time.


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