Kitchen Makeover

So pretty So pretty

In part i am making over the kitchen because its

  • Kitchen Week on the Michelle Bridges program
  • Also because its a total disaster area
  • i got new stuff that i have to put into place
  • and i have to move the Thermomix because it’s sending the scales wonky on the trolley that i have it on.

So any excuse for a revamp.

The Kmart containers are staying in place in the narrow pantry as they can be kept semi contained in there. I am moving everything out of the larger pantry because its just been chaos trying to find things. So all of the jars and cans are going into the overhead cupboard.

I have around ten assorted sized large jars that we keep bulk foods in like rices, pasta etc so these i am putting into the under cupboard nearest the sink, because they are heavy. But I have just found in local catalog some bathroom cabinets that may fit where I have the trolleys that would work for the cookbooks and jars, larger bowls and platters.

At the moment i am finding that spice jars are another chaos area, they are great on the little spice cupboard i created near the oven, and really easy to get too, i just don’t want a lot of clutter on the benches, so trying to work out where i can put them where they are easy to locate.