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So a quick overview of each room. I took these photos on our last rent inspection day in February. By my calculations we are due for another soon.

Angel’s Room

Having a 13year old, naturally her room is always like a disaster area. My niece lived with us for much of last year and moved out over the new year (which is why she has a couch in there), so Angel’s loving having the space all to herself again. We brought this bed before we knew my neice was moving in, and as far as space saving it has been great in that respect, but i think Angel’s getting too big for it, and i now wish we opted for something simpler. I would dearly love for her to have one of those pretty girly rooms, but i really don’t see it happening anytime soon.


The house only has two bedrooms, one large living room, a kitchen, bathroom, laundry and a very wide large hallway which i absolutely love. It is my gallery space, where i like to fill the walls with art, and family momentos. The Hallstand we picked up at our local Shiploads last year, and i have to say it has been one of the best purchases i have invested in, if they get them in again i am getting another one or two of them, i would love one in the laundry, and i love the whole idea and look of the American Mud Rooms.

Our Room

Now this room is in need of a make over, i do like the amount of light that comes into the room, and we did have a seat in here, but most of the time it was piled with my clothes. The quilt is reversible and lovely and warm, but after almost a year i am in need of a change to a different colour. The bed belonged to my Mum and Stepdad, and i would LOVE to give it a makeover and paint it white, but have been told no by a few people. :(. You will see with most of the other rooms in the house white is my signature colour. Jack has started Uni, and does have a desk in what we call the study, but he wants to put one in here as its quieter.

Lounge room / Study / Dining Room

A Game of 0&x's anyone.  A Game of 0&x’s anyone.

This is a very LOOOONG narrow space, and quite awkward to furnish because there are two doorways, three windows, a brick wall, and a fireplace. i currently have it sectioned off into three sections – Lounge Room, Study / Craft Studio / Dining room with the added extra of a treadmill…

Lounge: I HATE and i mean DETEST this lounge suite, it was all love at first sit when we first got together but its just way too big for 1. a family of three 2. this space. it has seating for ten including the ottoman, and even with part of the suite in Angel’s Bedroom, its too big. I do have some smaller lounge’s in mind, but waiting until finances are a little better before we go down that path.

Study: I love my Expedite, it’s the last thing i was able to get from Ikea before moving from Perth, and i wish now i had of just sold most of our furniture off and brought ikea flat-packs. The desk in the middle of the room i got from Shiploads last year and it is fantastic, The other two desks on the back wall the white one i have had for about ten years and is currently Jack’s Study Desk for Uni, and the other one we brought off a friend of Jack’s and is currently Angel’s space.  I am however looking at either selling these two desks or just the brown one and getting something more slimline. because it is just too cluttered for such a small space.

Dining room: We got the dining table about a week before leaving WA from a buy and sell site for free, i was going to cut the top off of it and use it on the legs of our old table, but over time they have been damaged and it never happened, but i have this past weekend mentioned to jack that i would like to do something with the table.


As much as i like this kitchen i do wish that it was more open to the living area, It is a good space. It would have been nice if we could have fitted the large fridge in the kitchen, but it hasn’t fitted anywhere since we have had it except for our double story american barn that we owner built and it was dwarfed in there. I have changed things around in this room so many times, and i still haven’t gotten to a point where its a space that i really like to spend time in, and the crazy thing is i love to cook, i have a kitchen full of high-tech gadgets and a bookcase full of cookbooks that i love to look through, but its not a space that i love to spend a great deal of time in because of the separation from the living area.


Ode to old Hollywood Ode to old Hollywood

Ok so not a great photo of a bathroom, i am in the middle of making it over and adding some glamour to it, as its very plain. Wracking my brain on where to put the lights that i brought and i had a “lightbulb moment” and thought hey why not in the bathroom around the window, like the old hollywood mirrors since my theme in there is old hollywood glam. so hopefully i will have some up-to-date photos soon.


Another lost cause of a room, it has so much stuff in it… washing machine, dishwasher that is broken, second very large fridge, two trolleys and a two bookcases, and a linen cupboard of sorts that i have no clue whats in there.

So thats us, i am doing little bits and pieces and changing rooms around and updating things, putting some away and even thinking of selling some of it off so will be using the blog to share the progress of what i am up to.


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