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CRAFT: Project Life 2015 – The first ¼


So this has been a nightmare of a year so far in regards to my photography and memory keeping journey, i don’t know if we are going through a bad break up or ‘it’s’ just not that into me this year.


I am trying the Stephanie Bryan method of individual albums each month rather than the full on 12×12). I do like the variety of album / photo sizes, and i love the look of it being more than just cards and photos.

I have abandoned the idea of taking a photo each day, as i was struggling for content after having looked through my previous albums even by using FMS Photo a Day, i was noticing a lot of repetitiveness, If i didn’t take a photo i was feeling guilty for missing it, and then wouldn’t take one for a few days. and so the cycle continues which then puts me further behind.

I am going by photos I like rather than by day / week.


Who and what i take photos of hasn’t changed. We are however a year older.


I have spent the past few years working with Becky Higgins – Design A, 12×12 Album, 6×4/3×4, mixed photos and cards, and in changing the format of the photos I am a bit confused.

I am currently staring down at 4 assorted albums, a 12×12, and three assorted 6×8’. Only problem is each are missing photos.

In January / February my Canon Selphie Printer which had served me so well the previous year died on me, We brought a HP Envy (Don’t get me wrong, i love it, its an amazing printer, i would probably rate it as one of the best that we have had, and we have tried a lot of printers over the years). It’s just that printing photos takes up a hell of a lot of ink.. and there in lies my biggest problem, i am struggling to get a full month of photos done, before the ink runs out. And at the price that ink is, i am wondering if it is even worth the hassle of printing the photos myself.

My relationship with my iPhone and Camera’s is a little rocky right now. I don’t know if it’s just me, or the photos but everything looks really blurry and out of focus, and that’s not always on purpose.

I want it to be like everyone else, and it doesn’t have that perfect polished look that i am after.

iPhoto is now just Photos, so in one way it’s easier to find the photos but in another i was so used to being able to go to my events and finding them that way that it has thrown me for a loop.


So i am toying with ideas at the moment, such as getting the photos for the rest of April printed through a store / online photo centre

Then getting May’s book made up in June (although i have the added expense of my blog being due at the same time)!

Learning to love the imperfect photos that i have taken.

Using a theme for the month such as all black and white 6x4s and then large coloured photos.

Getting it done…


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