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My Life Story,


I have documented here on many occasions about the My Life Story book I brought a few years back. After Dad passed away i wanted a way to carry on my story and document my life to pass on to Angel. I wish now i gave it to Mum to look through and write in earlier as she only managed to write a small note down.

My plan this year is to spend more time working on the book and adding things to it either when i find them (I have a large memorabilia box for 2013/14) or when I think of something. I also need to spend some time getting Angel’s story down into her book as well.

I sat down this afternoon and added some new and old memories to it. A couple of photos that i recently came across. I have noticed some of the older photos are falling out so i need to washi tape those back in. The ticket from last weeks circus outing. Some general thoughts. But what else to add to it. I am thinking of going through my blog to get some of the posts I have done about growing up and adding them in as well as I have a stack of blank pages.

I have been working on the Family History on and i would like to add some kind of Family Tree to the book, but not sure where to include it, I have found so many interesting things about my ancestors. I think it’s the one major flaw of the book that it doesn’t have a Family Tree. I have thought about adding Births, Deaths and Marriages to the relevant years for future generations (See note below*). Or perhaps printing it all out and adding it in that way, Although the book is already overflowing with what i have in it and it no longer closes. I still have stacks of photos to add from over the years. no idea how i am going to manage to fit those in. (*I do have a printed copy of all of my nieces and nephews details in it, I have now added them to the year that they where born, name/date of birth/parents, As these things over time can fall out and be misplaced (and ripped like i did when i went to get it out of the book…) so it’s good to have them all in the one spot, Also added my Step Kids and Step-nieces & nephews as well for future reference if needed).

I went through my Birth / First year Book that I came across when putting things in the new cabinet and added some of Mums notes and things that I hadn’t added in previously such as my first word, steps etc. I also had a quick glance through the Family History book and the Dear Mum book that i got from Angel to see if i could include some of that in and i may even do the Currently Lists each year from now on.

I know i have a range of other books that i have been using for sometime now but have just been looking online and have discovered that the company now has an Our Life Story version of the book very very tempted to add that to my list of must have’s. They also have a Recipe Book and a Travel Journal as well. I would still love to get a My Life Story for Jack too, it would be a wonderful thing for Angel to have a record of both of our lives separately and as a couple (good thing i gathered all of the photos of the two of us over the years for the Always Us 2 Project i did for our Anniversary Last Year).

It is a huge book to fill in, but it is great when it starts to fill up and you can look back on such a rich and rewarding life, plus being able to pass that on to future generations is the most rewarding part of it all.

For more information: This is not a paid or sponsored post. Just a huge fan of the book and the companies products.




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