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Dear Mum,

Mum & her sister Suzanne. Photo was left to me when Mum passed away.

Dear Mum,

It is so hard to believe that it has been three years since you where taken from us. I know that you would not be happy with how things have turned out and I am so sorry for disappointing you. I wish things could have turned out differently. Not a day goes by where I do not think about you, where I wish I could talk to you about so many things. There are so many questions that i have about Family History and would love to talk about the photos i have that i do not know who the people are.

Angel is well, she misses you as much as we all do. She loves High School, and has made some good friends. She also does quite a number of things for the school, which i am sure you would be proud of her for. She has joined Gymnastics and loves it.

Jack is in University doing several different subjects. He is still a Train Driver and he also has a Metal Detecting Business and we run a stall at a local market. Taking on way too much but it keeps him happy and busy.

Me, Well I am keeping calm and carrying on, spending a lot of time working on the Family History, I am still working on the photos and negatives that I have been gifted. I hope that in some way I am making You and Dad proud.

We still have Zoe & Shelby, and now we have a Grey Shitzu called Bella, you would adore her, she is loopy and such a character. Living in Tasmania we are making memories and creating moments. We love it so much here, it really is such a magical place to live and i can see why you loved it so much.

Love Ya

Nicole xxx


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