It is always the way,

IMG_2462I finally get the laptop sorted out and how i want it and then, BAM it decides to die on me. That was yesterday…

It is currently re-installing OSX. Gah, My last back up was just over a month ago, i usually do them on the last day of the month, and i don’t know why i didn’t do it but i just didn’t get around to it

So frustrating and it means that i have lost about a months worth of photos, documents, and pretty much month of my life. and its a month that i haven’t been on facebook so i have no records only what is on my blog, and my phone.

Fast forward to today “22nd February 2015″… I have removed all of the photos before February 1st, downloaded from my phone and memory cards. Got rid of all documents, movies, PDF’s etc. i figure its all on the external hard drive anyway as that’s where it all booted up from.