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PHOTOS: Getting organised

we picked up the new cupboard last night. Isn’t it sweet. so many storage options. Originally i was going to us it for mostly scrapbooking stuff, but its a lot narrower and smaller than i recall, so i am using it for photos.

This was the original plan, i haven’t deviated too much from this, but have made some changes due to things not being able to fit.

Since getting my retro typewriter a few months ago i have struggled finding a place for it, it has sat on my desk but takes up a huge amount of room, so love that it fits so well on top of the cupboard.

here is a rundown on where i have things not in order of where drawers are.

Family History / our book that i am working on and the files i have made of various documents.

Current Projects / So far only FMS photo a day and One little word. But at least when i am looking for something i will be able to easily locate it. i also have a one little word file that will fit as well.

Dad & Mum / As i come across this around the house i will add them here, and when i get the urge add them to the albums.

Jack and I / I will do the same with these.

Stickers / Various stickers that i only have a few of.

Amy Tan, Becky Higgins & Heidi Swap

Page protectors & Stamps / I have heaps of both of these and they are both quite awkward to store.

Photos, memorabilia & Negatives / i have a few lose photos and cards and things around so will at least be able to sort them as i find them. The negatives i took out of the packages and have put them all in the one place. I do have a negative scanner so will slowly go through the pile that i have to scan.

Small books / I may not keep these in here

Project Life Cards / as you can see i have a LOT of PL cards that i have to start using up.

Photos / I will go through these and add them to the appropriate drawer, the bag and small box are christmas / December daily items. I am hoping that my scanners and external hard drives fit in here.

Again as i come across things i will add them to the appropriate drawers.


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