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House Tour

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A little house tour whilst the house is still organised enough to take photos of it.

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Hallway In september 2012 we moved into this little house. One of my favourite purchases of the past 12 months has been this Hall Unit. Below it holds our shoes, and i have a couple of my bags on it. It was on the opposite side of the hall, but think it works better here where it is. I have always felt that this hallway is a room in-itself, whilst not a huge space, i have been able to utilise it well.

Angel’s Room I call her bed the Ivory Tower, where the princess slumbers, She has so much crap in here. These are not all of her books..

Our Room Just a few odds and ends i have collected, The yellow adds such a bright touch to the room especially in such a sunny spot. The light fixture is also yellow, its part of the house, i originally didn’t like it, now i am learning to embrace it. Love this quilt, it’s yellow on the other side, but needs a wash..

Lounge Now when i first found this couch i thought it was great, almost three years on and i hate it. The cushions bunch up, and its just not all that comfortable, and its HUGE, way too big for this small house. Loving the naughts and crosses game, so sweet. I do love all of the white in the space, and that it carries through the rest of the room.

Studio / Study This is a multi use space, for my crafting, memory keeping, Jack’s uni studies, and Angel’s homework, and the family computer. I mentioned in my previous post about this space and what i would like to add to it, as you can see there isn’t a great deal of space to do much in. I would love to get two smaller desks that match mine, as think that would look a lot better. and yes i am aware that the “V” in LOvE is missing. Totally need to clean my craft mat.

Dinning Room Another space that i love is the dining area. i ended up moving the smaller expedite against the wall, and the two turntable bookcases on either side as it is more spacious that way. We are sending the Gym equipment back in a few months so will gain some of this space back which will be good. Totally love this light tree. I call it the memory tree.

Kitchen Not a great photo sorry about that.. The kitchen doesn’t have a lot of space, but works well. I previously had the Thermomix on the Bench, and the KitchenAids on the small Expedite but last week changed everything in the lounge room around and had no space for the trolleys, and as they are meant to be for the kitchen anyway i thought why not use them for their intended purpose.

Bathroom These where in the hallway for ages, but i like them in the bathroom.

Laundry The lost cause room, where things get dumped…

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