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Writing Room,


February 3 Writing room A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

I have talked many times on here of my wanting a little space to create and write in, I currently  have a space in between the Lounge & Dinning rooms. It’s a bit of a void space.



On one wall is a big pink brick wall. I am planning to change this slightly in a week or so. Need to get the rent inspection done first. Currently i have two Desks here.

The little shelf there now holds my wash tape


The white one i have had for well over ten years and has moved everywhere with us. Jack will be using this for uni. The other one we brought off a friend of Jack’s Xmas 2013. I have been meaning to revamp it. We now have the Mac Desktop on here for Angel. Either side of the two desks are expedites / cube bookcase storage units. The larger holding all of my craft stuff / photos / albums. The smaller DVD’s & Books. In the middle of the room is my craft desk, with all of my odds and ends on it.

IMG_2014on the other is an electric fireplace This wall spans into the dinning area. But i may yet change it up in some way.



I am wanting a wing chair / chair of some sort i have found the following, As you can see they are all quite expensive, so i may need to wait for a lot longer yet to get one. 1/ Harvey Norman $849.00 2/ Local Furniture shop $899.00 * I think it was this price. Only thing with this is i find it a little small, as i want more of a comfier chair that we can lounge in to read. 3/ The Importer Shop $499.00, This wasn’t available at our local store, but we have brought from them before and maybe able to get it brought in. This is a favourite. 4/ Ikea 399.00 bear in mind that i would have to have this brought in so would need to add the extra $150.00 shipping fee to Launceston and then the $100.00 petrol each way for us to pick it up. 5/ Fantastic Furniture $299.00 this store is located in Launceston so would still need to either pick it up or have it delivered for an extra cost.

My current desk chair is one of the metal retro ones, but i have my eye on one from kmart. Jack and Angel use the dinning chairs.

Other furniture.


I currently have this on lay-by, hence my need to change things around to accommodate it when it gets here next week. My plans for it are above. Much of the stuff i have had in assorted boxes and cupboards are going to be sorted correctly and put away properly. As soon as i saw this on the Facebook page i wanted it, it’s so ideal for my needs and wanting to have everything put away. And i just adore those colourings together. I am thinking of buying new handles / knobs for all of the drawers just to give it some added personality, i do have some left over from a previous project. but think it could use some crystal ones, or assorted types. Perhaps adding some pink orange, or darker blue, maybe a little black. eBay will be my friend.

to keep a track of what i am up to in my studio space. Follow’s board Studio Makeover on Pinterest.

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