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Dearly Departed,


January 25 | Dearly departed | Write your own eulogy.

Nicole M Beltane,

She loved way too much, that was her problem, she cared about too many people that was her downfall. The love of her life Jack was by her side when she left this world. Her daughter Angel, grown into such a wonderful confident young woman that Nicole was incredibly proud of. She adored her grandchildren, and spent much of her time telling them stores of days gone by. She has taken a lot of secrets to her grave but left a lot of memories, moments and history on the page. She spent many of her days with a camera in hand, her life was ruled by the lens in her hand. She lived for photos. The family history that she tried for many years to locate so she would have some sort of legacy to leave behind. We will miss her more than words can say, we will love her until the end of our own days.


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