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Words… Thoughts… Feelings

DSCF4278Words… Thoughts… Feelings

Words escape me,

They surround me,

yet they hound me,

I read them,

I write them,

I live them,

I love them,

I hate them,

I make them…

The words are too much right now,

They blind me with a passion.

Thoughts chase me,

They trace my memories,

Lace my life with Milestones,

Embrace my day with moments.

The Thoughts invade my head,

i would rather some peace instead.

They are there at night when i lay my head down to sleep,

they rush around when my day is ready to start.

Once upon a time in a book i could get lost,

it feels like a lifetime ago that i wandered around with a character i didn’t know.

 Feelings of failure,

Feelings of Nurture,

Having to be the strong one,

Always being wrong one.

The feelings hurt to the touch,

they burn a hole in my heart.

Planning for something that may never eventuate,

creating a dream that makes me smile,

dreaming of a life where i can turn down that dial,

Behind the Lens i feel a safety net,

i see things in a new light,

the bright pop of flowers,

the smile of a now teenager,

the sparkle in my husbands eye.

I see,

I hear,

I feel,

I steal little moments of wonder,

I take each day as a new blessing,

as a gift…

A gift of new




© Nicole Beltane January 11 2015

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