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blogging 101 – Dream Reader

Today’s Assignment: publish a post for your dream reader, and include a new-to-you element in it.

Dear Reader’s,

Hi, how are you doing, lovely to meet you if you are just dropping by for the very first time.

This year i have no direction or idea of which to take my blog so i am just going to write when i feel the need, even if i am a few days behind. So apologies in advance if you are a new follower and don’t hear from me for a little while and then all of a sudden you are inundated with posts.. :).

Life around here has been a tad hectic, and each time i think that things are settling down BAM it’s time to start a new chapter of it. This year that is Jack (My Husband) starting Uni. What an adjustment thats going to be. Our 13 Year old is in her 2nd year of High School, and also wants to start Gymnastics. For me as in past years life revolves around Memory Keeping in it’s various forms. It’s the one constant thing in my life.

At the moment most things revolve around my planners and getting organised for the year ahead (if only for the first three months). Keeping up with all of the goings on of everyday life and all that involves.

Last year i did a Whats on the Agenda post, ½ of the time i wrote it out and didn’t post it… hmmm… It feels like i have so many things on the go hence the need for various planners, and journals. I am so enjoying the process of #capture30 and jotting down the little notes and ideas i have for the coming months.

I have no problem with starting things it’s finishing that i don’t always get too. I guess the major thing that i have to get completed is the final month of 2014 for Project Life & December Daily (printing out photos is the biggest part of that)…

What are the big things happening for you this year?

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