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Hello 2015…

I hope that you’re New Years Eve and Day was all that you wished for and so much more, That you where able to connect with those that you hold dear to you.

For me, well i took some time out after doing some Facebook housekeeping and leaving / deleting groups and pages that i belonged to or owned.

I have started working on Heidi Swapps Capture 30 class (more on that in another post) and hope to finish watching Ali Edwards One Little Word (Another post again) videos today and start working on my word for the year which is EMBRACE. but i am considering changing it to LOVE…

Also working on the Family History, many thanks being sent out to @Jennifer Anne Brennan Manna for all of her help with the Family History and sending me dates of birth, Death and photos. You have been an invaluable help in finding out this information.

I have so many plans for the next few months that i can’t wait to work on, and taking photos and getting my camera off auto is a huge part of that.

Getting my studio Space in order is another huge priority and i have a new piece of furniture lined up to put a majority of it all in, thats actually perfect for my needs. I am so excited that i was able to secure it.


You will notice that the main part of my blog is still but that i have changed the tittle from By Happenstance to The Meaning of Life is 42.. That would be because in March of this year i turn “you guessed it” 42. And as my word is EMBRACE i want to EMBRACE the fact that i am this age. Plus i am a huge fan of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and love that quote.

I have spent some time this morning gathering together my diaries / planners for the year. For 2015 i am using

The Erin Condren Life Planner – Family / Household Planner. Jacks Roster, His Uni Schedule, Market Days & General Business information, Angel’s school dates and events, Birthdays and Anniversaries etc, Menu Planning

Gold Kikki K Time planner – Personal Planner so will have all of the things that i want to achieve in it. Crafting (but a majority of that will move over to the Heidi Swapp one when it arrives), Pay dates, House cleaning, Courses, General Weight-loss and recipes, Blogging.

Heidi Swapp Memory Planner – Capture 30, One little Word, Project Life, FMS Photo-A-Day, A week in the Life, A day in the Life, December Daily and any other courses, classes & workshops that pop up throughout the year.

The Happiness Project & Q&A Sentence a Day books – I have had both of these for a number of year, and i have only added to them in small amounts the past two years, so i have started journalling in them again, and my aim is to keep them with the other daily diaries that i use, so they actually get filled in.

My Life Story / Family History – Whilst this is two separate books they do in a way tie into each other, and i will be adding some of the information to both of them.

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