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Capture 30 Day 1

The first day of a new year is done and dusted. I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring Capture 30 for this first day of a new year.

Here is my first day’s task.

  1. I am Nicole (going by Nic at the moment), I am 41, turning 42 this March.
  2. I am married to the most amazing man, and we have a 13 year old daughter, as well as our Two Dogs and cat. We live in Tasmania, Australia.
  3. I don’t work, but we do have a business that we run online and via local Markets.
  4. I am what is known as a PLANNER ADDICT, i love to plan, i have multiple diaries on the go for all different subjects – Project Life, One Little Word, FMS Photo a day, Family stuff, hubby’s work & Uni Schedules, our business, Markets, Appointments, school stuff, weightless, homemaking, Blogging and so much more. I also want to journal more, even if it is just a sentence a day.
  5. I always start the year in HOPE that i am going to finish with nothing left to finish, and i get to the end and there are always somethings not yet completed. So i want to work on what needs to be finished off from the past couple of years as well as taking new classes and workshops.
  6. I am trying to EMBRACE more of life. Doing more of the things that i LOVE this coming year is what i am looking forward too. Creating MEMORIES for future generations to treasure is my goal.
  7. For the past few years i have tried losing weight via Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation, i am abandoning that for the foreseeable future, and have decided to walk weekly. My aim isn’t to lose weight, but to exercise more and live a healthier lifestyle. More meditation and me time is needed this year, I enjoyed the days when i was able to just sit and concentrate on the little things that i wanted to catch up on, and the mediations that i was doing.
  8. I want to work on the Family tree on both of my parents sides of the family, not for me but for future generations, now that most of my older family members have passed away there are not many let that i can ask questions, so my aim for the coming year is to make contact and engage in conversation with family.
  9. I have wanted to get a Tattoo for the last couple of years of a Tree of Life, with leaves under it of my grandparents and parents.
  10. I WANT more coffee Dates with Jack. I really love the time alone that we get to spend together, and treasure the little moments that we share. More photos of the two of us for our Always Us album is also on the agenda. Going into our 14th year of marriage i look forward to many more amazing adventures for the two of us.
  11. Getting to know and using my Thermomix on a daily basis, cooking healthy meals for our family.
  12. Less time on Social Medial especially Facebook is my plan. The past few weeks has shown me that less or no time on Facebook, would be beneficial for my wellbeing.
  13. Purging and decluttering is also a high priority, I want a space that i can relax and be happy in.
  14. Making connections outside of my inner circle, I have tended to keep to myself over the past few years for fear of getting hurt, i have become very untrustworthy and tend not to let anyone get close to me.
  15. In 2015, I want to live the best life i can live, i want to experience new things, go to places that i haven’t been to before, explore little out of the way cafe’s and shops, and spend time with the ones i love, recording the memories of our days together in photos and words.
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