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Christmas Spirits & Ramblings of a tired Elf, as found on Facebook


I wish i could return to this moment…

This weeks events with the loss of little Sam in Perth, The Sydney Siege, and yesterdays news of the 8 Children in Cairns being murdered, as well as it being my Mum & Grandmothers birthday’s i think it has really taken it’s toll and many has sense of loss and grief. I guess it doesn’t help that i haven’t been sleeping well since Jack moved the bed to under the window.


For those that know me well they know that usually i am full on at christmas time, but this year i have no idea whats wrong with me. I guess waiting that extra week because of the girls birthdays really had an effect. I would estimate that there is still around 4-5 boxes of stuff i haven’t put out. At this point in time i actually have no hesitation in pulling the rest of it down and cancelling christmas altogether. Not to mention the fact that i feel so disorganised and have yet to buy gifts for anyone in the house. I have gotten a few little things but it’s really not much at all. Currently watching Carols in the Domain, attempting to get the spirit of Christmas back…


We got a new dog this week, her name is Bella, She is an 11 year old shitzu. Very set in her ways. Our 8 year old Shitzu Zoe is none too pleased at the new addition, in-fact neither is the cat!, oh well i figure only time will tell and they will get used to each other. There has been some teething problems, which i expected, but its more from Zoe who is just being cranky, given the chance i think Bella would be quite happy hanging out with her.



As you no doubt gathered by my previous post on Family History i am slightly, well actually very annoyed at the way i have been fobbed off. I have however discovered things that i didn’t know, so for me it’s been an eye opening experience thus far. I do hope to find many more interesting facts of families past.


I was so excited to be starting this project, but not having any christmas spirit i haven’t been taking as many photos as i normally would, Plus i am kind of over looking at the same things each day… Jack has been working so much that it’s been really difficult to get out anywhere and take photos. Which is really disappointing.


  • My Erin Condren arrived, and i was disappointed that the photo was on the Back cover and not the Front. But other than that i love it. I am using the monthly part of the planner for Jack’s work, Uni & Markets. The weekly spread i have Separated into three sections – Me, Angel, Kayla.
  • The Heidi Swapp Capture 30 Planner looks like its going to be late, well the kit part of it anyway, something to do with unions in the US. When it eventually gets here i will be using it as my Craft / Project Life / FMS planner. So any photo prompts, classes etc will be added.
  • I have since ordered the Kikki K Large Gold Time Planner, not 100% sure how i want to use this yet, perhaps a gratitude / happy Journal. i may even use this for family history or get something similar for that.
  • I still want a Lorna Jane or a Kikki K Wellbeing Diary to track my health. My biggest problem is working out how to store all of these diaries and planners and the pens etc.

So enough ramblings this post is already way longer than i expected it to be…

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