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Project Life 2015, Getting Organised


OMG i can hardly believe that i have just written that as a title.

Walking around spotlight this morning, and Jack spotted a Becky Higgins Kiwi Album on special for $20.00 (wasn’t till i got home that i noticed it had a little nick out of the cover, but still I’m happy with it). Also brought the Becky Higgins / Heidi Swapp Page protectors with the gold foil overlays in it, and some other bits and pieces.

So i have put them into the album, along with the Heidi Swapp Page Protectors that have the extra pockets in them that i got a few weeks ago, and also some older assorted page protectors and now i have next year all ready to go.

I have decided that i don’t need to buy a kit as i have enough kits still unused, and as i haven’t stuck to a certain kit over the past two years, i may as well just use what i have.

So looking at it that way the only cost i should have is the printer ink every couple of months. I do seem to go through a great deal of that.

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