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Project Get it all Done,


One Little Word

As much as i wanted to have things completed by the end of November i didn’t get it all done, so just going through my list of things to do and trying to work out what to do first & yes there are new things that have snuck in..


  • Yesterday & Today – I started this, but haven’t gone back to it, but need to just sit and get it done.
  • 52 Weeks of Art Journalling – i am just going to stick photos in here that i have printed and haven’t used, i just want this one out of the way.


  • December Daily – Day 1 for this one – i have it set up just need to take the photos
  • Studio Calico 25 Days – This is part of December daily, so will incorporate that into that.
  • Remember December – Started just need to write stuff down and take photos, and may even add this to the back of the December Daily book so its all in one place.
  • Lucy on a Shelf – will be taking a photo each day and somehow incorporate this into the back of December Daily.


  • Family Tree – This started on Friday night when i brought a family Tree book from the local markets, i spent much of friday night and saturday on messenger with my aunty who has given me some family information. Also great that Jack will be starting a family researching course with Uni next week. So taking advantage of that. But will be an ongoing life long project.


  • Project Life – have to print out the past week but apart from that its pretty much up-to-date
  • FMS Photo a day – have a couple of days to get done but its pretty much the same as project life.
  • Studio Calico Workspace – This is ongoing, and with christmas stuff currently EVERYWHERE it looks like i will be starting again in the new year.
  • Always us – may have a photo or two to print
  • A year of us 2 – need to print out November photo that we took a few days ago. and then Decembers on New Years Eve.

What i did manage to finish

  • 52 lists
  • Week in the life
  • 30 days of thankful – waiting on some page protectors, but the photos are all printed and the journalling is done.
  • One Little Word – I have been PROCRASTINATING with this one because i still have no printer ink. So going to start at December and work backwards, my main aim is to write it all out and then print it later. (just need to print it).

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