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Remember December: Decorating

2014-11-24 14.01.39

Christmas has exploded in our house… Over the next few days i shall be sorting out the various tree’s and themes that i will be using this year. So far only this big one has been put up. It is naked at the moment awaiting the “Pretty to happen”…

We have so many decorations out and more hidden in various places around the house, some i didn’t even remember having, so i must have only had them for a short time last year, or brought them at the end of christmas / season sales as some still have tags attached.

So far i have found

  • A bunch of silver reindeers
  • A community village of little houses
  • Angels by the bucket load
  • A dinner set i forgot that i even brought
  • Assorted typography
  • A woodland of wooden trees
  • Baubles, baubles and oh more baubles
  • Enough lights to light a small city
  • Hearts, stars & other assorted decorations

and i haven’t even gone through all of the boxes yet..

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