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CRAFT: Projects Update

I did a post on November 6th of where i was at with the various projects that i had going on. this is a quick update on where i am at…
  • 52 WEEKS OF ART JOURNALLING – This one i just can’t seem to get into.. i am thinking of just leaving it all together. 
  • 30 DAYS OF THANKFUL – need to print the past week. an album for this is still not happening. 
  • ONE LITTLE WORD – still no ink in printer but do have most of it written out, need to do September, October, November.
  • YESTERDAY & TODAY – I managed to do one complete layout that i absolutely love, and started several others and gathered up items for a few more. What took me the most amount of time is locating the actual course since its no longer on the Ali Edwards site. But thankfully i had the foresight to print the welcome page. 
  • FMS – Need to take todays photo…
  • PROJECT LIFE 2014 – week 1-47 is completed. just need to work on this week
  • A YEAR OF US 2 – Moved this into a La-de-da album i have had for ages. Just have to find last years photos that i put somewhere and also print this years.
  • DECEMBER DAILY – Waiting for the kit to arrive
  • Heidi Swapp planner – waiting for it to arrive
  • Erin Condren planner – waiting for it to arrive

so bad that i haven’t completed some of this years things, and i am already looking toward next year. But i am hopping that by having the two planners one for family, and one for crafting / blogging that i can be more organised. Although i am tempted to get a couple more planners for weightloss (the lorna jane one) & using the family one for blogging and getting a proper family one from kikki k…

  • 52 LISTS – I got up to week 20 and there where no more lists published.
  • ALWAYS US – up-to-date
  • 30 DAYS OF ME – Completed
  • WORKSPACE – ongoing organising course.

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